Bornholms Slægts- og Lokalhistoriske Forening

Bornholm Genealogy – and Local History Society (sometimes referred to as 'BSLF') was established in 1987 by a group of people who occasionally met at Bornholm Local History Archive while doing genealogy and local history research. The society now has more than 700 members.

The aim of the society is to promote the interest in Bornholm genealogy and local history.
We co-operate with both domestic and foreign genealogy and local history societies.

Among the main activities of Bornholm Genealogy – and Local History Society is the 3-5 yearly lectures usually held by external lecturers, sometimes a trip to archives in Copenhagen or Sweden, and sometimes a trip to a historical place, usually at Bornholm.
Furthermore monthly co-operation meetings are held during the winter season. The meetings takes place in the cellar of Bornholm Central Library, where the archive with its loads of records is located.

The society publishes the quarterly magazine 'Anetrćet' to the members.

Because the society has a lot of members outside Bornholm, a sub-society has been established.