Bornholms Slægts- og Lokalhistoriske Forening

§ 1 Name & Domicile.Logo of the societymini BSLF Logo 2

Name of the society: Bornholms Slægts- og Lokalhistoriske Forening
Address: Pingels Alle 1, 3700 Rønne
Domicile: Bornholms Regionskommune, Bornholm
Established: 24. marts 1987 på Bornholms Centralbibliotek

§ 2 Aim.

The aim of the society is to gather persons interested in genealogy and local history in a community, in order to promote the interest in genealogy and local history.
It is also a part of the aim of the society to co-operate with other genealogy societies and 'Bornholms Ø-arkiv' (Historical Archive of Bornholm), and other local historical archives.

§ 3 Members.

Anyone that agrees with the aim of the society can become a member.
The members of the society have no obligations regarding the economy of the society other than the yearly subscription.
As a member one is free to use the equipment the society has at is disposal.

§ 4 Subscription.

The amount of the subscription is set by the general meeting and is to be paid on March 1. at the latest. Membership will be cancelled if the subscription is not paid in due time.
If membership is obtained after July 1, the member is only to pay half of the subsciption for the year in question.

§ 5 The annual general meeting.

The highest authority is the annual general meeting.
The ordinary general meeting is to take place in the first quarter of year. The summoning for the general meeting is made by the board, and is made public by letter with at least 3 weeks notice with information about the agenda, which must include at least the following items:

1. Election of a chairman.
2. The chairman's report.
3. The treasurer presents the audited accounts for approval.
4. Discussion of proposals. (Proposals to be taken into consideration at the general meeting are to be received by letter no later than January 15, and are to be published to the members at the same time as the summoning).
5. Determination of the yearly subscription.
6. Elections according to §7.
7. Any other business.

The decisions of the annual general meeting are made by simple majority.
Alterations to the rules require that 2/3 of the members present vote in favour.
If a member wishes it a ballot is to be taken.
All members who are present have the right to vote.

The minutes of the general meeting are to be signed by the board and the chairman.

§ 6 Extraordinary general meeting.

Extraordinary general meetings can be summoned if the board find it necessary, or if at least 1/3 of the members demand it in writing.
A new agenda is to be enclosed with the demand.
The extraordinary general meeting is to be held 30 days after the receipt of the motion at the latest.
The summoning with the agenda is to be published per letter or per e-mail no later than 14 days before the meeting.

§ 7 Board & auditor

The board of the society consist of 5 to 7 persons. A chairman, a deputy chairman, a treasurer, a secretary, and from 1 to 3 other private members of the board.
Members of the board are elected for a period of 2 years. Re-election is possible.
The chairman is elected in odd years and the treasurer in even years.
The other 3-5 members of the board are elected by the general meeting with 2 (3) members in odd years, and with 1(2) member(s) in even years.
In addition to that a substitute to the board is each year elected for a period of 2 years, first substitute is elected in odd years, a second substitute iin even years.

The board itself appoints a deputy chairman and a secretary.
The board makes its own procedures. The board forms a quorum when at least the chairman/deputy chairman and two members of the board are present.
The secretary takes the minutes, which are to be signed by the participating members of the board at the next meeting.

Each year an auditor plus a substitute for the auditorare is elected.

The 2 substitutes for the board have the right to be present at the board-meetings.

§ 8 Account.

The financial year follows the calendar year.
The treasurer does the accounts and is responsible for the means of the society, deposited in a bank account.
The auditor audits the closed accounts and makes a report about the state of the economy for the board.

§ 9 Obligations.

The society commits itself by the signature of two members of the board, of which one has to be the chairman or deputy chairman. The society is only liable for its obligations with the capital in hand at any time.

The members or the members of the board of the society are under no circumstances personally obligated economically.

§ 10 Dissolve of society.

Dissolution of the society can only be done by 2 general meetings in succession with at least 30 days in between. At the first general meeting the dissolution of the society is to be voted in favour of by at least 2/3 of the members present. At the second general meeting the decision is made by simple majority.

At the closure of the society any means left must be transferred to societies or archives on Bornholm. The money must be used for genealogical or local historical research.
Distribution of the money is decided at the first general meeting, after recommendation from the board.
The above articles were passed at the ordinary general meeting of March 24, 2012.

Address : Bornholms Slægts- og Lokalhistoriske Forening,

Bornholms Lokalhistoriske Arkiv, Pingels Allé 1, 3700 Rønne

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